Parish Priest's Message

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Rev. Fr. Anthony Olaniyan, SMA

Dear Cherished Parishioners,

It has been a great pleasure journeying with you for the past year. I wish you all a happy new year.

Our 25th parish anniversary was a huge success. Thanks to your cooperation and sacrifices of love. New ideas were injected to help us live out our theme for the year and to a great extent, we lived the year celebrating one great family.

This was reflected in the community animation of mass, appreciation of our uniqueness and cultural diversity. We worshipped God in our true identity as Africans. We also advanced the parish project to a reasonable extent. We roofed the Civic Centre, thereby giving everyone the opportunity to visualize our dream.

It is a new year, with a new theme. Our theme this year is “Building Families and Communities”. We are building because we are in the process of becoming the ideal of God’s vision for us. We recently added a baby outstation thereby increasing our outstation to two – St. Louis Efab Global and St. Josephine Bakhita, Kafe Housing Estate. We are building our children as well, in order to prepare them for life. We could see what the Children liturgy did during the parish anniversary. Our teenagers as well are being groomed. I encourage them to emulate the life of their patron saint, in the person of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus. The CYON is also not lagging behind.

I appreciate the pillars of the church, the CMO, who have quietly supported our parish aspirations. Our mothers, the CWO were phenomenal throughout the year. They have been a source of comfort and a nursery for our dreams. We desire to model the parish after the first Christian gathering in the Acts of the Apostles. We shall be pushing an agenda of strengthening our Basic Christian Communities. I solicit your maximum cooperation.

I also use this opportunity to announce to you that I will be 10 years a priest this year. God has been faithful because I have enjoyed the support of good families and communities. While I mourn the demise of very great parishioners, who I cannot all mention, permit me to celebrate Engr. Patrick Umoh.

I pray that his soul may continually rest in peace. To all who continue to labour to make us one family and to worship in Spirit and in Truth, God bless you. The foundation is laid and I encourage you to join in bulding our families and communities.

Fr. Tee, SMA

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