Parish Societies & Organisations

SMA Support Group

The group started in the parish in 1995 by Rev. Fr. Tomas Walsh SMA. The registered members were over sixty, while active members toil date are about 30 in number.

Liturgical & Service Committees

Altar Knights

An alter server is one who has committed himself to knowing, loving, and serving Christ, presence in the Eucharist...

Board of Lectors

Patron Saint-St. Bede The function of the board of lectors is the proclamation of the word of god at Holy Mass.

Board of Church Warden

The board of church warden is one of the four liturgical functionaries of the church.

Block Rosary Crusade

Block Rosary Crusade is a movement, an apostolate in the Catholic Church that lives and propagate the urgent message...


The Parish Choir sings an eclectic repertoire, from the ancient masters of chant and polyphony to the living composers of sacred music.

Children Liturgy Ministry

Children Liturgy Ministry is an integral part of the Liturgical and Pastoral activities of the church for ages 2 -12 years

Catechists & Marriage Formators

Catechist is someone who “echoes back” the gift of his or her faith and the faith of the Church.

Parish Security Committee

The security committee is charged with ensuring the safety and security of the church and parishioners and...


The welfare committee is concerned with matters of the physical and emotional well-being of parishioners, visiting parishioners whenever the need...


The communication committee of the parish is responsible for te design and production and dissemination of all information media in the Church.


The liturgical committee assists the Parish Priest in planning all liturgical functions in the parish and in organizing and managing all programs aimed...

Justice Peace & Integrity of Creation

Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) is a Catholic volunteer organization set up with the goals of promoting...

Building & Maintenance

These committees cater to the physical development and facility management needs of...

Environmental & Maintenance

They handle the upkeep of a neat hygienic Parish environment and carries out minor maintenance...

Other Service Teams

For other service teams that support the development, functioning and growth of the parish...


Catholic Men Organisation (CMO)

With the Bye-Laws put in place in September 2010, the CMO adopted as its motto “Love of God and service to humanity”.

Catholic Women Organisation (CWO)

Membership of this organization is open to all the women in the Holy Family Catholic Church, Life Camp,

Catholic Youth Organisation of Nigeria (CYON)

The primary aims of the Organization are “the spiritual development of youth...

Pious Societies

St. Vincent de Paul

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a worldwide lay movement in the Catholic...

St. Rita

We are empowered by the Holy Spirit as prayerful stewards, to build the kingdom of God...

St. Jude

St. Jude is called the patron of hopeless and desperate cases, owning to the singular help...

Catholic Charismatic renewal movement of Nigeria

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria (CCRN) is a lay organization which started in...

Confraternity of Christian mothers

The goal of the confraternity of Christian mothers is not simply to unite women in prayer, but also to support guide and inspire...

Catholic Sisters United

The association is fondly called was setup in 1994. The objectives of the Association are to be convinced practicing Catholic...

St Anthony of Padua Association

The Guild of St. Anthony is a pious Catholic society which follows the virtues of St. Anthony of Padua...

Legion of Mary

The objective of the legion of mary is the glory of God through the holiness of its members developed by prayer and active...

Divine Mercy Apostolate

A society that truly appreciates the mercy of God and is conscious of the fact that without the mercy of God ...

Mary Queen of all heart

To be updated...

Adorers of the blessed sacrament

To be updated...

Blessed Tansi prayer movement

To be updated...

Confraternity of the sacred heart of Jesus and immaculate heart of Mary

The devotion was established in Nigeria first at Regina Mundi catholic church Mushin, Lagos in 1967 and at Holy Family in 1996 through the efforts of Brother Dominic K. Abatan and Brother Batholome Ezigbo respectively. Membership is open to communicants with an intension to enthrone sacred heart in his/her home.

State Associations

All Saint Igala Community

All saints Igala Catholic Community adopted All Saints as her Patron Saints for their collective protection and intercession in the early 1960s

Anambra / Enugu / Ebonyi Community

With strong love and unity coming from different villages in Imo and Abia States to form one happy community in Holy Family Parish.

Imo/Abia Commuinty

With strong love and unity coming from different villages in Imo and Abia States to form one happy community in Holy Family Parish

SS Peter and Paul Idoma Community

The Ss. Peter & Paul Idoma Catholic Community has a shared pedigree in catering for the spiritual and material wellbeing of members.

St Augustine Tiv Community

The community was founded by the pioneer Tiv Catholic sons, daughters and wives who worshipped then in the Church when it was just an out station.

St Michael Yoruba Community

The community was founded in the parish in 1998 though passive and was known as St. Rita Yoruba Catholic Community until 2007

St Gabriel Hausa Speaking Community

Establishment in 2009. St. Gabriel Feast Day is on the 29th of September, Feast Day thanksgiving is during the Mass.

St. Patrick Edo / Delta Community

For the spiritual growth and unity of all sons and daughters of Edo-Delta State. Established in 1999 in Life Camp.

St Peter Akwa Ibom/Cross Rivers/Bayelsa Community

Yet to be updated!

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