Liturgical Committee

The Liturgical Committee comprises the following:

Board of lectors
Board of Cantors
Board of Church Warden
Alter Knights
Catechists u0026amp; Marriage Formators
Children’s Liturgy Coordinators
Block Rosary Crusade


The board of lectors is the proclamation of the word of God at Holy Mass. It is a vocation that required training and commissioning without which an individual is refferred to as a lector. They support and promote the study of the Bible in the parish group.

Meeting and rehearsals: Every Friday’s after evening mass with a monthly general meeting on the second Friday of the month

Contacts: Sis Victoria Momoh 08177009184

motto- Go into the world….. And proclaim the good news
Patron saint-St Bede


The board of church warden is one of the four liturgical functionaries of the Church. We take care of the parishioners at all liturgical functions, offertory collection and getting the total attendance at all masses are also part of our duties.

Contact person: 08034720637

Slogan: My service…. For God


An altar server is one who has committed himself to knowing, loving, and serving Christ, present in the Eucharist, and by so doing coming close to him. The altar server ministry can also be willing to serve at Mass timings that may not be convenient for him, and be able to commit to the activities, practice and monthly meetings

Mission: To uphold and foster the Catholic faith

The vision of the association
* To nourish our Catholic faith and tradition
* To promote a deep appreciation of the sacrament

Meeting Days – Every Saturdays and Sundays by 3pm

Arum Desmond -07034499275

Patron saint: St John Berchmans (November 26)


Providing the children the opportunity through sets liturgical and pastoral activities geared towards the formation the right attitude, morals that have impact in the sound teachings of the Catholic faith, spiritually, Morally, Physically and Socially.

Head Coordinator- Sir Tony Mary Eli 08133310758


Block Rosary Crusade is a movement, an apostolate in the Catholic Church that lives and propagates the urgent message of our lady of Fatima. It is a grassroots association that embraces catholic Block Rosary Crusade is the gathering of people(Adult as well as Children) from near blocks, houses, street, wards, of villages at a particular open place or compound with sole aim of using the most effective weapon recommend by our heavenly mother, our lady of Fatima, the queen of peace to recover or recapture the souls lost by sin to our mortal enemy and bring them back to God our father for reconciliation. Block Rosary Crusade also embarks on evangelization in a very positive way through, congresses, retreats, workshops, seminars carols.