Announcement for 12th December

1. Membership Renewal for 2022 is on going at the parish office. Both New and old members are encouraged to go and register/renew their membership. 2. Parish Christmas Carol is scheduled to hold on Friday 17th December 2021. After evening mass. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Announcement for the 21st November, 2021

Registration for Confirmation Catechism Classes is ongoing. It is scheduled for every Saturday and Sundays by 3:30pm For Ages 12 years and above. All cheques written in favour of the parish should be addressed as:  “Holy Family Catholic Church“. Please do NOT add Life Camp or  Abuja to it.

Pentecost: Diversity is Strength!

Acts 2:1-11; Galatians 5:16-25; John 15:26-27; 16:12-15 How come some are more intelligent than others; better footballers than their friends; prettier than their siblings; stronger than their neighbors; better orators than their teachers? Everywhere we see difference, positive difference, there is the Holy Spirit, there is Pentecost. Every good quality we have comes from the …

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