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About Holy Family

We are 25 Years in Service to the Body of Christ

First, we wish to thank God for the journey so far as one family; a family of love, unity, peace and grace. We have modelled our pathway after the Holy Family of Nazareth; of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. And we pray that our family would be like theirs. It has been 25 long years and we are happy to celebrate this unique milestone. As we celebrate our history, we remember the devoted Catholics who initiated the gathering of Catholic faithful and ...

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Parish Priest's Message

Our 25th parish anniversary was a huge success. Thanks to your cooperation and sacrifices of love.

Sundays: 6:00am, 8:00am, 10:15am & 6:00pm
Children Mass: 8:00am

Weekdays / Satuday Masses:
Morning Mass: 6:30am (Daily)
Evening Mass: 6:30pm (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday)

Public Holidays: 8:00am

Mass Centre: 
Stella Maris College, Life Camp (9:15 am)

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
Hours: 9:00am – 1:00pm & 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Parish Priest: Fr. Anthony Olaniyan (081 2631 2928)
Associate Priest: To be updated
PPC Vice Chairman: Sir Tony Ogwu (070 3499 3300)
Parish Office: Secretary (081 05250234)

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Parish Updates

Our Sunday reflections are made available for you online. Kindly read and share the good news of Christ to others.

The Parish is currently undergoing a massive building project at the Parish Civic Centre. In addition, we are also supporting our Out Stations to build a befitting place of worship.

We are advised to adhere to the new guidelines in order to help us keep safe. Thank You!

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The Spirit Lives to Set us Free, and binds us all in Unity.
Let’s walk in the Light of God!

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